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Welcome to your one-stop savvy social media sidekick!
For all things social media from set up & management to content creation & design, we’ve got you covered. What’s more? We don’t just focus on vanity metrics like likes and shares because let’s be real, how often do those turn to actual sales and growth for your business? We use savvy digital marketing tactics to achieve your business goals.

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Let’s be real, social media, creating content, copywriting, engaging & managing accounts can be challenging & time-consuming, trust us, we know! We’re here to help you grow with tailor-made services to suit your business.

Helping you is the Savvy thing to do!


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Hello! I'm Daniela a local durbanite, entrepreneur with a love for all things digital and creative.

Before starting my own business, I worked at The Foschini Group where I had the awesome opportunity to work on a wide variety of brands and platforms. It was during this time that I realized the true power of well-crafted copy and a solid social media strategy. My true passion is helping business owners, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and solopreneurs thrive, whether they need social media training to effectively manage their own accounts or if they would like me to run it for them because well, it would save them a lot of time! Send me a FB message, call me, DM me or drop a letter in my post box via a drone-either way, I would love you to get in touch!