Savvy Social offers the full social media suite from set-up to management, however we understand that each business is at different stages of their social media journey.

That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all service, but rather would like to meet with you to talk through where you are at in your journey. Have you got social media? Have you been running the accounts yourself and struggling? Do you want to take your presence to the next step to start generating leads from social media?


Social media management

A well-managed Social Media presence is a savvy thing to have for local businesses to build relationships with their customers and generate new leads. We set up and manage your social media channels for you so that you can focus on the running of your business.

Social media advertising

Social Media advertising is crucial to attracting customers both online and offline. We create and run your social media advertising campaigns to meet your business’ unique goals and objectives.

Social media training

Feeling overwhelmed by social media? We’re here to help you get savvy with social media! Whether you would like one-on-one or group training for your business, we will custom-make a workshop to suit your unique needs!

Social media strategy

Every social media account needs a well-planned strategy behind it. We will put together a tailored social media strategy for your business with the aim to meet your unique goals.


Need crafted wording for your marketing? We will write engaging copy in your brand’s unique tone of voice.

Social media design

It is crucial to have creative design on social media so that it gets shown to your customers. We follow a set of best practices for social media design so that your content is brand-right and optimized for each unique platform.